Upper School Retreat 2023

Familiar places present a certain kind of opportunity for us, to return to the comfort of what is known and at the same time pray for fresh eyes to see it anew, and discover. Such was the case this year at Camp Shamineau, as students in grades 7+ ventured north for our annual retreat to spend time bonding as classmates and brothers and sisters in Christ. The trip always features a welcoming of new students into our four Houses–Boniface, Bunyan, Edward, and Knox–named for heroes of the faith. Activities follow, which range from Scavenger Hunts to Skits to Scaling Walls, and much more in between. Devotional time and teaching focused on the subject of heroes, and how students both look up to and follow others’ examples and grow as heroes-in-the-making, reaching toward Christ. Our own Mr. Rick Hurlbut led a memorable session on “leading from the middle,” featuring the high priest Jehoiada (2 Chronicles & 2 Kings), which has already become a favorite, relatable, and inspiring phrase for our students. 

Now some weeks into the academic year, the foundation laid at Shamineau undergirds our students as they prepare for a variety of endeavors. Notably, a calendar full of House competitions rises on the horizon for these teams and their student leaders. Whatever the call, may they walk astride each other in the Lord, by His established steps.