Jed Culbertson


Mr. Culbertson is one of the founding members of Agape Christi. He has worked with youth in ministry and educational settings for over fifteen years, and has served as the headmaster of Agape Christi since 2013. He lives with his wife and seven children in Savage, MN and attend Emmaus Road Reformed Church.

Marla Helseth

Staff Aide

Since joining the Agape Christi staff in 2015, Mrs. Helseth has practiced her passion for classical and Christian education by assisting teachers in many ways, most appreciably by serving as a key substitute teacher and prayer coordinator. She attends Good Shepherd Presbyterian Church with her husband Paul and two children.

Sarah Culbertson

Office Manager

Mrs. Culbertson has taught in various roles at Agape Christi since 2013. She holds a B.S. from the University of South Alabama and desires to recover the richness of classical Christian education for the next generation. She and her husband Jed have seven children attend Emmaus Road Reformed Church.

Tonidell Early

First/Second Grade

Miss Early joined us for our first year. She has a B.S. from St. Paul Bible College and has over thirty years of classroom experience.

Chrissy Evans

Lower School Math and Latin

Mrs. Evans is a graduate of Hillsdale College, and is steeped in the culture of classical and Christian education. She has been a key member of our staff since our opening. She and her husband Jeff have five children and attend Christ Church Twin Cities.

Angie Hitterdal


Mrs. Hitterdal has been with Agape Christi since our beginning. She has a B.A. from Gustavus Adolphus College and has taught for many years, not only in a classroom setting, but also as a ministry to women in BSF. She and her husband Tim have two daughters and attend Park Community Church.

Bryn Homuth

Fifth/Sixth/Seventh Grade

Mr. Homuth joined Agape Christi in 2018. He has an M.A. in English Literature from Kansas State University and enjoys writing poetry, playing tuba, cooking, and coaching tennis. He is thrilled and humbled at the opportunity to illuminate all subjects by the light of Christ and send well equipped, formidable minds into the world for God’s glory. He and his wife Jennifer have three children and attend Westwood Community Church.

Shannon Huber


Mrs. Huber joined Agape Christi in 2018. She has a B.A. from Bob Jones University and has experience in teaching art to all ages and leading a preschool classroom. She is married to Josh, who is an elder at Crystal Lake Baptist Church. They have one son.

Aleta Johnson

Lower School Spanish and Math

Mrs. Johnson is a founding member of Agape Christi and has taught since 2013. She holds an M.A. and brings a level of wonder and excitement to the classroom that is rare to find. She and her husband Dave have three children and attend Christ Church Twin Cities.

Julie Roer

3rd/4th Grade

Miss Roer joined Agape Christi in 2019 with the desire to teach children virtue grounded in the knowledge of Christ. She has a B.S. degree from Maranatha Baptist University and attends Eden Baptist Church.