Program Details

Two-Day Program
Wednesday and Friday
8:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.

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Preschool students will study God’s world  with a classic children’s literature book as the theme for each week. Through each week’s highlighted story, we’ll practice various concepts, from color and counting to geography and science experiments. Most importantly, we’ll look at how we, through the characters in our story, can love God and love our neighbor. We’ll seek to put into practice “loving our neighbor as ourself” as we take turns, share, listen to one another, play, get in line, and as we use our tongues.

Each week our little learners will focus on one letter of the alphabet. We will practice the first 40 phonograms by learning the sounds and strokes of each letter. We’ll learn to sing a Bible verse corresponding to our letter of the week, as we practice hiding God’s Word in our heart.

Our Daily Routine May Include: 

  • Memory Work: Calendar, Scripture song, Catechism, Poetry
  • Story, Narration, Math, Phonograms
  • Job Time: rice world, play-dough, sewing cards, blocks, puzzles
  • Lunch
  • Bible Lesson
  • 1- Hour Rest Time
  • Imaginative Play: dress-up, drama, games, recess
  • Snack
  • Creative Exploration: painting, art gazing, music and dance, craft
  • Stewardship

Steps to Enrollment

  1. Submit an Application and fee: $0 through March 1, $35 after March 1. Children must be potty-trained and age 4 or older by the first day of school. (We will consider extenuating circumstances for preschool exceptions.)
  2. Schedule a family interview
  3. Submit the Enrollment Contract and fee