Athletics Philosophy

1. The purpose of our athletic program is to complement, not compete, with our academic program. The vision and mission statements reflect our goal to educate our students in all aspects of life, with the Scriptures at the center, as a means of glorifying God. We seek to use both academics and athletics as instruments to help us accomplish this goal.

2. Obedience out of love for the Lord looks the same on the athletic field as in the classroom, home, or church and can be summarized in the command, “Love one another.” The mature Christian works for victory in all aspects of life, including athletics, while never compromising the spiritual fight of being transformed into the image of Christ (2 Corinthians 3:18).

3. We affirm that God created us male and female from the beginning. We further affirm that the inherent differences between men and women touch every aspect of our lives. Therefore, we desire to cultivate biblical masculinity through our boys’ athletic program and biblical femininity through our girls’ athletic program.

4. We do not abandon classical methodology in the athletics program, but intentionally seek ways to implement the trivium. Lower School students will learn the various rules and procedures of the activity or sport, while Upper School students focus on strategy, form, and leadership.