Please contact us with any questions and let us work with you to make Agape Christi affordable for your family.

Personalized Tuition

We understand that in God’s providence every family is in a unique financial position. We are eager to work with families who share our vision, and so we offer a Personalized Tuition model commonly used by educational institutions. With Personalized Tuition and a Multi-Child Discount, tuition can be reduced to the Minimum Tuition level. Please contact us if you are interested in Personalized Tuition. 

Multi-Child Discount

We offer a Multi-Child Discount to families with three or more children enrolled at Agape Christi in grades kindergarten and higher. In families where not all students have the same Base Tuition, larger discounts apply to the lowest-cost tuition.

Child 3
25% Off Base Tuition

Child 4
50% Off Base Tuition

Child 5
Minimum Tuition

Tuition and Fees

Academic ProgramBase Tuition*Minimum Tuition
Preschool (2 full-days)$2,940$2,000
Kindergarten (3 full-days)$6,275$2,000
Grades 1+ (5 days)$8,785$2,500

*The Base Tuition covers approximately 70 percent of the total cost of education with the remaining costs subsidized by generous supporters of Agape Christi. 

Other Fees

Application Fee$0 through March 1$35 after March 1
Annual Enrollment Fee$250 within 7 days of acceptance ($50 for preschool)$400 after 7 days of acceptance ($100 for preschool)
Supply and Activity Fee (pk-6)Varies between $75-$100 All supplies are included.
Supply and Activity Fee (7-12) $100 Personal classroom supplies are not included.

Thank you to our Corporate Sponsors who help make financial grants possible!