Base Tuition for 2019-2020

The Base Tuition column reflects standard tuition costs. However, we offer a multi-child discount and a need-based financial grant (see below) that can reduce tuition to the Minimum Tuition level. Most prospective families qualify for a need-based financial grant.

Academic Program 
Base Tuition Minimum


Preschool (2 full-days) $2950 $2950
Kindergarten (3 full-days) $5575 $2000
Grades 1-10 (5 days) $7985 $2500
Other Fees
Application Fee $0 through March 1 $35 after March 1
Annual Enrollment Fee $250 through April 1
($50 for preschool)
$400 after April 1

($100 for preschool)

Supply and Activity Fee  (pk-6) Varies between $75-$100

All supplies are included

Supply and Activity Fee  (7-12) $100
Personal classroom supplies are not included

 Multi-Child Discount

We offer a multi-child discount to families with three or more children enrolled at Agape Christi in grades kindergarten and higher.

Child 3 Child 4 Child 5
and beyond
25% discount 50% discount Minimum tuition

Preschool tuition does not count toward the multi-child discount (or financial grants). In families where not all students have the same base tuition, larger discounts apply to the lowest-cost tuition.

Need-Based Financial Grants

All families are invited to apply for need-based grants up to the minimum tuition cost. Please contact the school for details.

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Please contact us with any questions, and let us work with you to make Agape Christi Academy affordable for your family!