Agape Christi Academy is a classical and Christian school. This means our educational model firmly embraces classical teaching methods and content, and delivers these within the framework of a solidly biblical worldview in a community of like-minded Christians. The classical, Christian approach prepares the entire student — heart, soul, mind, and strength — to love their neighbors and defend the faith with consistency and integrity in all areas of life. This preparation will help graduates hear and follow God’s calling in their lives.

Agape Christi, translated from Greek and Latin, means “Love of Christ.” In the world we live in, love is regarded as a bundle of undefinable fleeting feelings triggered by a chemical reaction in the brain. In contrast to this, the Bible teaches that love is a particular Person who came to a particular place at a particular time to do a particular thing for a particular people. Embracing these particulars is the source of life. Therefore, an education that is centered on the love of Christ is an education for life.

The logo for Agape Christi is the bridled head of a powerful steed. The horse represents knowledge — a mighty tool that Agape Christi imparts to children through challenging curriculum, but which we unceasingly yield to the bridling of Christ-like love to prevent puffing up with self-pride.

Program Offerings

Agape Christi offers preschool through 12th grade. Each grade falls within one of three stages to align with the development of the child: Grammar Stage (K-6),  Logic Stage (7-9), and Rhetoric Stage (10-12).

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Choosing a classical, Christian education at Agape Christi is a big decision, so we invite you to explore this website, attend an upcoming Open House or contact us if you have specific questions. Also, learn more about the growing classical Christian movement in a feature video produced by the Association of Classical Christian Schools of which Agape Christi is a member.


The school is located in Eden Prairie at 6500 Baker Road with convenient access to Edina, Bloomington, Hopkins, Minnetonka, St. Louis Park, Chaska, Shakopee, and Savage.


In 2011, the Lord brought together a group of parents who shared the convictions that education is discipleship and that the Lord requires Christian fathers to provide their children with educations where the truth of Christ reigns in all areas of life — including all academic subjects (Deut. 6; Eph. 6). These families became convinced of the efficacy of the Classical Christian approach through reading Douglas Wilson’s books Recovering the Lost Tools of Learning and The Case for Classical Christian Education, as well as first-hand experiences with Classical Christian schools in other areas. Finding no such schools in the Twin Cities southwest metro, they determined through prayer and glimpses of God’s providential hand that it was His will for them to start Agape Christi Academy whose doors opened in 2013 in Eden Prairie.

describes God, what He did for us, and what He gives us.
We are called to love God, Christians, and all people.
Love is how we teach and how we mentor, so children will live it, and be saved.
Love comes from knowledge, but is superior to it, bridles it, and must accompany it.
Love removes fear, transforms the world, and triumphs over all.
Why Agape Christi?

“Now these three remain: faith, hope, and love.
But the greatest of these is love.” 

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