Our Upper School is pleased to announce the launch of a new program called “Superlatives,” (currently for grades 9+) which is dedicated to providing educational experiences for our students not necessarily common to the classroom. The first of our four-to-six week programs kicked off with Survival Training, led by Dr. Robert Vagi. Dr. Vagi has a PhD in education that he pairs beautifully and seamlessly with a passion for the outdoors. Under his tutelage, students constructed a basic lean-to shelter using only trees, tarps, and paracord, and along the way practiced varieties of knot-tying. By the end of our first session, all of the groups confidently crouched beneath sound shelters. 

As we look forward, Agape Christi plans to launch seven more Superlatives loosely corresponding to each month, including Cooking, Time Management, Engineering, Psychology, Office Skills, Personal Finance, and Interior Design. We’re thrilled to showcase God’s gifts as they live and dwell in experts connected to our school community. Stay tuned for more photos and updates!

A word from our instructor, owner and operator of Wilder Outdoors Academy:

After our “survival skills” superlative, your student will be able to make it through the first day (and more) on a show like “Alone”–and not all contestants do! If your child wishes to review what they learned or learn more about these skills, please consider enrolling in Wilder Outdoor Academy’s online curriculum at Cost is $20.

Additionally, if you’d like to be inspired and equipped to take your families on outdoor adventures, check out the Wilder Outdoors Podcast on:

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