How To Make a Wise School Decision

Agape Christi Academy desires for faithful Christian education to steadily grow in our culture and around the world. This vision requires a view of the micro and macro levels at the same time. Classes go on day by day as students slowly but steadily learn to see the world around them with the eyes of Christ. In this, the details are important, but if only the details are tended to, the larger picture remains out of sight.

To aid in developing that larger picture we have prepared a resource for parents as you work through the decision of how and where best to educate your children. It may be at Agape Christi or it may be at another faithful Christian school, or it may be in your own home with a little (or a lot of) help from others.

This e-book discusses many important things to consider, and provides an introduction to classical education, which we, of course, esteem to be quite excellent in its approach and results. We hope you enjoy it. You can download it by filling out a few details about yourself below.

Topics include:

  • Biblical Mandates for Making a Wise School Decision
  • Christian Schools in the Twin Cities
  • Should Christians Leave Government Schools?
  • An Introduction to Classical Education: A Guide For Parents
  • Does God Care Where Your Child Goes to School?