Agape In the New Year

We hope you and your family had a blessed Christmas season. Now that the egg nog is gone, it’s back to our normal routine.

I remember going back to school in January, looking back at a break that now seemed too short. I didn’t grasp much of my purpose in school, so I wasn’t too excited to return. Growing up has taught most of us, however, that the breaks serve to refresh us and sharpen our passion to get back to the work God has called us to. We at Agape Christi want to give you an update on the school front as we move, full-steam ahead, into 2013.

We are on track for a Fall 2013 opening, trusting the Lord in several key areas:


After a trying season last year in regard to location, we are looking into a few new options that should become clear fairly soon. So as not to be too vague, these are in the Eden Prairie and Minnetonka areas, and we’ll certainly have more updates as these opportunities come more into focus.


Now is the prime time for great teachers looking for open positions. We have many connections to educators who embrace the classical Christian vision, and are looking forward to meeting the people who will be pouring into our children.


Obviously, we want the best for our children; curriculum that is not too challenging as to suck the joy out of learning, but not so easy that they develop a boredom, or worse, apathy, for the amazing subjects they’ll be learning. We are in the process of evaluating curriculum, and are finding some great stuff, both widely used, and some not-well-known gems that we think will give our students a broader education and deeper understanding.

Sharing the Vision:

We have held a few house parties to share our vision for classical Christian education and have enjoyed the open discussion among parents. We currently have one more on the calendar for January, and would be happy to meet with you and your friends to discuss topics such as “Making a Wise School Decision,” “Why Classical Christian Education,” and more. Contact us at [email protected] to see how you can help share the vision.

-Jed Culbertson