The Charter School: False Savior

Recent news headlines show the growing enrollment of Minnesotan students in charter schools. Why is this? An interesting documentary film, Waiting for Superman tells the stories of five students across the nation who are desperately waiting for a chance to attend a charter school. The reasons given are common desires all parents want for their kids: better academics, more skilled teachers, smaller class sizes, and a safer environment. The filmmakers nailed it in choosing a title- children are looking for someone to save them.

But are charter schools the answer?

Let’s remember that Jesus said, “Let the children come to me.”(Luke 18:16) As Christians, we believe that by the grace of God, truth is knowable and is embodied in the person of Jesus Christ. To know Christ, is to know truth (John 14:6). If the point of going to school is to learn truth, how can this happen in a school that by law must oppose Truth?

While the common desires of parents for better academics and safe environment, etc. are all very important, Christian parents should desire most of all that what their children are being trained to think about is true, noble and pure, and bows in obedience to Christ (Phil. 4:8, 2 Cor 10:5). He is, after all, the master teacher, and the only one who saves.

The love of Christ compels us at Agape Christi to teach God’s truth with intentionality, bridling the power of knowledge with humility and discipline in light of Christ’s total authority. Enroll your children at Agape Christi and let’s labor together to train up these future men and women to live faithful Christian lives, equipped to lead and transform culture through the gospel to the glory­­ of God.