Logic Stage Program


Students in 7th-9th grade will join together in coursework geared towards the Logic Stage. They will begin a systematic study of arguments (logic) by looking at informal fallacies in the context of Earth science. They will explore and evaluate classic texts from a Christian worldview covering history, biblical studies, and literature. They will learn to use writing to confirm and refute arguments. In addition to English, they will continue studying other languages: mathematics as the language of creation, Latin as the language of western civilization, and Greek as the language of the New Testament. They will sing and make music to the Lord, create visual art, perform dramas, and engage in athletic challenges.

The program will consist of four days per week of onsite, structured class time and one at-home study day.

Click here to download a PDF of the Logic Stage Program Flyer
with specifics including curriculum, instructional methods, and tuition.

Interested in exploring how the Logic Stage Program at Agape Christi could make a difference for your child? Contact the school at [email protected].