Omnibus III Class Trip

March 24-31, 2019
$1,350 per student
Deposit and commitment due January 7, 2019

Trip Summary

Omnibus III students study history of the modern age. A key component of this is American history. This trip will visit many key sites in our nation’s life, from Jamestown to the National Mall to Capitol Hill. Students will also visit the newly established Museum of the Bible. We’ll wrap the trip with a visit to Kings Dominion, a premier amusement park.


Download a copy of the brochure here: OmnibusIIITripPamphlet.pdf .

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Can I pay for flight/lodging with points?
    • If you would like to purchase your student’s flight with accumulated points, you may do so. We will finalize the times and flight paths once we have a student count on January 7th. Then we can work together to find the best arrangement. If you are interested in this option, please let Jed know by the 7th.
    • We are not planning on using hotels, but rather renting a large enough house to accommodate everyone appropriately. So, points would not be applicable here.
  2. What is the chaperone situation?
    • Brady Erickson will be the male lead for the trip. He has traveled extensively in the DC area, and has a particular love for the historical accounts and events we will be taking in.
    • We do plan to have a female chaperone as well, and are currently in discussions with a couple of promising options. Once we have a set roster, we will send out the information.
  3. What is the plan for lodging arrangements?
    • We will be renting a house/townhouse in the Alexandria/DC and Richmond areas with enough bedrooms to house participants appropriately and above reproach.
  4. Will the students have to wear their uniforms?
    • Students will not be required to wear their Agape Christi uniforms on the trip, but we will require clothing appropriate to the location/event. The attire they will bring for Kings Dominion will be different than what will be expected for the Supreme Court. More details will follow on a packing list closer to the date.
  5. Will there be any fundraising for the trip?
    • We do not have anything planned, but are open to options in this area, if there are any parents/students who would be willing to lead the charge.